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  • Maitland Ward on April 21, 1996.
  • Bobbie Eakes on June 12, 1996
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    Last Week

      Here's what happened last week on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL...

      Brooke doesn't let on to Ridge that she knows about his proposal plans, saying instead that she knows how successful their designs are going to be and that's why she's happy. Jessica goes with Dylan to a party at Bikini. Sly who presses Dylan him about what's going on with Jessica. Jessica dresses dowdily for the party-she doesn't want to look "hot." Jessica tells Taylor she's not ready to tell Dylan what happened. Some guys at the party tease an angry Sly about what Jessica did to him. Dylan comes onto Jessica at the Bikini party and becomes upset when she refuses his advances. She assures him her feelings for him haven't changed, but Dylan is still angry. Jessica talks to Jasmine about the situation and Sly approaches her and forces her out on the dance floor with him. He traces her lips with his fingers while they're dancing and suddenly Jessica realizes it was Sly who raped her. Sly denies it and offers to help her with what's bothering her. Jessica tells him he's not going to get away with what he did and walks away. Jessica confesses to Jasmine that she was raped and that she thinks Sly did it. Jasmine tells her to be careful of making accusations. Jessica tells Jasmine about the birthmark the rapist had. Jasmine defends Sly. Dylan approaches and apologizes to Jessica and they leave together. Sly makes evil eye contact with Jessica.

      Taylor runs into Ridge in his office as she romanticizes about their past and passes up an opportunity to tell him what she knows about Brooke and Grant. Sheila finds God and reads to Mike from the Bible. James arrives for a session with Sheila, angry because Maggie canceled on him again. Sheila quotes a Bible passage to cheer him, much to James' surprise. James tells Sheila all her behavior goes back to her childhood and her parents' abandonment. Sheila tells him she's found God and James warns her that the Bible doesn't absolve Sheila of responsibility for her actions.

      Taylor talks with James and tells him some things have happened that give her the idea that she and Ridge might have a future after all. Brooke tells Katie never to tell anyone about her kiss with Grant. Brooke tells Ridge that although she rejected his last marriage proposal, next time she'll be ready. Ridge tells her how much her unwavering commitment means to him. Grant is excited about being part of the big Forrester fashion show.

      Eric and Ridge tell Brooke they've decided to have a separate showing for the men's line. Ridge tells Grant that the men's line isn't going to be part of the big show--it will have it's own showing. Grant is very upset and begs him to reconsider. Ridge tells him Eric and Brooke went along with it and Grant is disappointed to learn Brooke is behind this too.

      Clarke tells Sally about what happened with Unicorn Fashions and that C.J. has been kidnaped because Clarke went back on his deal with Jack. Sally is furious and demands that Clarke go out there and bring back her son or she'll kill him.

      Jack and Rocky tell C.J. it's all Clarke's fault that he's in this mess--they leave for the Hollywood sign where they plan on killing C.J. They fake a suicide note so it will look like C.J. killed himself.

      Sally finds out Kim worked for Jack as well and when neither Kim nor Clarke can be found, Sally thinks they've run off together.

      Clarke remembers something Jack told him about C.J. being the next Joey Sherman so he goes to the library to find out who Joey is, thinking it will help him find C.J. Jack and Rocky prepare to kill C.J. Sally send s the cops after Jack Fuller but they can't find him. Sally kicks herself for ever trusting Clarke. Clarke finds out that Joey Sherman's dead body was found near the Hollywood sign and it was rumored to be suicide. Clarke runs out of the library and begins to drive to the Hollywood sign at breakneck speed. He gets there and sees Jack, Rocky and C.J. at the cliff's edge.

    Sneak Preview

    Here's the latest scoop from THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL

    • Ridge proposes
    • Brooke prepares herself for Ridge's proposal. But who is wearing the wedding gown?!
    • What is Stephanie's reaction to Ridge's proposal?
    • Jessica finally tells Dylan about the rape.
    • Jasmine realizes Jessica's right -- Sly is the rapist. What confirms her suspicions?

    Behind The Scenes

    • Star appearances
    • RONN MOSS (Ridge) is among the celebrities scheduled to appear at the fourth annual "Take a Chance With the Stars" casino night on Saturday, October 12 at the LAX Marriott in Los Angeles. Tickets are $60 in advance, $75 after September 30 and at the door. For info, call (818) 905-7766.
    • Look for BRENT JASMER (Sly) in an upcoming episode of "High Tide," in which he co-stars as a professor who is a suspect in a murder case. The episode is scheduled to air in early November. He is also in the midst of filming a movie called "An American Vampire Story," playing Disco Rick, a character who is stuck in the 1970's. This film also stars BURT WARD of "Batman and Robin" fame. More info about the film's release date to come.
    • Casting news:
      On October 1, the role of the doctor will be played by GINA GALLEGO.
    • B&B Book!
    • In conjunction with the first ever B&B book, JOHN McCOOK (Eric) and SUSAN FLANNERY (Stephanie) will lend their incredible voices to record the book on tape version. Look for this in stores in November. There will also be a major promotional book tour covering ten cities beginning November 15th. Details to come!

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