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Local WWW Resources

  1. UH Hilo Physics and Astronomy
  2. UH Hilo Home Page
  3. Mauna Kea Observatories
  4. Other UH Hilo Web Sites
  5. UH Hilo 1995-96 Catalog
  6. Hawaii Education Resources
  7. International Community Interconnected Computing eXchange (ICICX)
  8. Local Server Usage Data (for

Favorite External WWW Resources

  1. Hawaii's Professional Hockey Server
  2. Astronomy Resources on WWW
  3. Other Science Resources on WWW
  4. Entertainment Resources on WWW
  5. Image and Movie Resources on WWW
  6. Information Resources on WWW
  7. Discover Your World!
  8. Hawaii's Professional Football Server
  9. Help Support Babylon 5!

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