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Welcome to the Oxford University Networked Information Service.

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*Oxford University
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*Colleges and Halls
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*Computing Services
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This page provides a structured view of the information provided by a number of servers (gopher and WWW) managed around the University. Each major area is managed by a designated person (named on the following pages) - if you have any comments about the information provided, please make them in the first instance to the relevant person.

The service also provides the main access route to information and services held around the world. Readers should be aware that many services lie outside the control of anyone within Oxford University, and no guarantee of the authenticity of any information obtained through these routes is given.

Help, a few pointers, and examples (provided by Computing Services).
Oxford University
Information about the University - including administrative information (salaries, job vacancies, student admissions etc), the University Gazette (news, college job vacancies etc), and events.
Phone and Email
Contact details for departments, colleges and individuals. Also links to a number of international directories, and details of the email-to-fax service.
Colleges and Academic Departments
Contact information and information services provided by individual colleges and academic departments.
Oxford Libraries
Details of each library (central University, college, departmental and faculty) together with access to the online catalogue (OLIS). Maintained by William Mackintosh, Libraries Automation Service.
Computing Services
Central Computing Services information (advice, documentation, courses etc.) and general University IT information (site-licensed software, IT committees minutes and reports etc).
Local and National Computing Information
Look here for the status of the central OUCS computers, University-wide IT information including the local SIGs, and a number of jumping-off points to national academic computing resources (such as CTI, JANET and NISS).
Information maintained by and for the University student population (college officers, clubs and societies, the Students' Union). Maintained by Oxford University Student Union.
The World
The `gateway to the networks' - links, by service and by subject, to information services around the world. Maintained by Richard Gartner, Bodleian Library.

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