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When we earned the title of "America's Best Cheddar" we did it as a team. That same teamwork goes into every aspect of our business. We hope you enjoy the results in every product you order from us. Cabot has a 76-year history of doing what we do best. We like to think that we are as good at making you happy as we are at making cheese.

We're still making our cheddars the way we have for years. Naturally, slowly, from our cow's pure milk, with no enzymes to try to speed up what just can't be rushed. It's a matter of flavor. It's a matter of integrity. It's a matter of knowing what you've come to expect.

July, 1996

Welcome to Cabot's Web Site! We know you'll enjoy your visit and hope you'll visit often. We have lots to show you and we offer you a taste of tradition.

Summer is struggling to arrive in Vermont. We've had an extremely rainy spring, but we're optimistic that the sun will shine in July! Rainy skies don't stop us from enjoying all that Vermont has to offer: beautiful shades of green, new-born calves grazing with their moms in the pastures, or a colorful rainbow created when the sun peaks through!

The sun is sure to shine on the town of Cabot on July 4th. The town has a great 4th of July parade, well attended by town folk and tourists. The best chicken barbecue around!! Bet you'd like to spend the day with us! One of the fun events in the month of July.

Some of the best cheddar cheese is made right here in Cabot too. We've been busy making delicious cheese and other dairy products since 1919. So, mooove through our pages and let us tempt you with a whole collection of tasty products. And, don't forget to check out our "Cheese of the Month"...with an added bonus for ordering!

We're enjoying hearing from all of you who have filled out the response form! Thanks for asking for our tour brochure, or our mail-order catalog, or asking questions. Hope to hear from you soon!!

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