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Welcome to Online Design

When OnLine Design was first published back in May 1992 as Northern California's Monthly for Electronic Design and Graphics, we envisioned the magazine "as a meeting place for creative users throughout the region." Our vision expanded to include Southern California, and now we are pleased to offer this Web site to creative users of technology throughout the entire world.

Just as the magazine was started when the use of technology in illustration and design became commonplace, so has our on-line version grown out of the critical mass achieved on the Internet. We are now able to offer interactivity to readers in the form of animation, and video and audio clips from artists. These sidebars enrich and amplify our original desire to educate by example. In the future, we hope to offer features that showcase working multimedia projects, as well as walk-through exhibits, studio tours, and more.

This is an entirely new publishing medium. We want to provide the promise of electronic interactivity but avoid the buzz surrounding this supposedly new term. Magazines have, after all, always been interactive - readers scan headlines as well as any browsing tool, follow article jumps to other pages as if they were hot links, choose to read or ignore advertisements, and filter information through their brain, the most powerful search engine yet discovered.

And readers write letters. We want OnLine Design the electronic publication to be as interactive in this regard as OnLine Design the printed magazine. So send us your ideas, gripes, insights, tips, and wish lists. You don't even have to hunt for stationery and quill pen or suffer snail mail. You can just open a mail window and E-Mail them to us at [email protected].

The studio's been rearranged a little, but OnLine Design is still your creative meeting place.

Updated: Sept 15, 1995

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