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Animation is a beautiful and highly collectible art form that is growing in popularity all across the world. Enjoy original works of Art of all your favorites cartoons from Disney, Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera®, Chuck Jones, The Simpsons/Ren & Stimpy, PEANUTStm and many more. The Cartoon Factory would like to help introduce you to this fascinating and fulfilling collectible.

The Cartoon Factory is a full-service Animation Art Gallery. We are authorized representatives of nearly every major animation studio, and we carry Art of all your favorite cartoons and characters. We feature a wide variety of vintage and limited edition art. We can find just what you are looking for, at prices you can afford. We specialize in sold out and other hard to find pieces. And now we have added a new page to make ordering cels simple and easily! If you are not sure what page a character or film you love is at, we invite you to Search The Cartoon Factory! If you are new to collecting this engaging and enchanting art form, we invite you to read more about the Types of Art we offer.

Because the animation art market is always in a state of flux, with new releases coming out while other ones sell out, this page will always be "Under Construction." We will try to keep you, the collector, up to date on the newest releases as soon as we know them. We hope that you will bookmark this page, and consider it a resource of information about animation art.

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If you would like to learn about collecting Animation Art, we hope you will take some time and look around our pages.

More about us, the studios we represent, our services and policies.

Learn more about the different types of Art available to the collector.

The newest releases from all studios, as well as cels going on alert or those that have just sold out. Also a list of Sold Out cels we have in stock right now! All important news for the serious collector.

An automated form to help you order the Art you have seen, quickly and easily.

Coming on July 19th, a special exhibition of Warner Bros. Art, including Animaniacs, Batman and all your Looney Tunes friends! Don't miss this first of it's kind show!

Try this link if you have a VRML-capable browser and a fast connection! We have created a virtual reality space for you to walk through, and actually see the cels hanging on the walls. We hope you enjoy!

See the new releases from Disney Art Editions as well as a list of all the Art currently published by Disney Art Editions and available through The Cartoon Factory.

See the new releases from Warner Bros. Animation Art as well as a list of all the Art currently published by Warner Bros. and available through The Cartoon Factory.

See the new releases from Hanna-Barbera® Animation Art as well as a list of all the art currently published by Hanna-Barbera and available through The Cartoon Factory.

This accomplished artist's career includes more than just his years as a Warner Bros. director. Explore the fascinating career and art of this living legend. Now expanded to include art from The Secret of N.I.M.H., The Phantom Tollbooth, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, Mrs. Doubtfire, and the comic art of Mike Peters.

Art from everyone's favorite comic strip. And more than just animation....

The newest in animation stars... Now Open!

See the new releases from Other Studios available through The Cartoon Factory. Now including Æon Flux, An American Tail, Land Before Time, Woody Woodpecker, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Superman, The Pink Panther, Tennessee Tuxedo, Captain Crunch and many other interesting cartoons.

New! Looking for something and don't have a clue where it is? This form will search The Cartoon Factory for any character, film, or other topic you might be looking for.

A short primer on caring for your cels, and our recommendations for framing your cels.

A short list of Frequently Asked Questions, and our somewhat flip replies.

An unofficial historical journal devoted to the creative legacy of Walt Disney and The Walt Disney Studio. This publication has received wide critical acclaim from not only those who have worked for (and with) Walt Disney, but also the Disney family.

Have you ever been waiting for a specific character or film, only to find it sold out before you even knew it was available? You find out about it just a little too late, and you can't find it anywhere? The Acme Broadcast System is aimed toward collectors who want a leg up on new releases: we keep you updated on all the new art released from all the major studios- weeks before the ever release! If you've ever missed a cel because it sold out before you even heard of it, this is for you!

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