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Healthy Things and Pretty Things For Cats
and The People Who Love Them

Spring/Summer/Early Fall 1996

Here are some highlights of my web site!

Our Spring/Summer/Early Fall 1996 Printed Catalog Is Now Ready!!
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Our NEW Spring/Summer 1996 catalog has been written by Betty and is now ready. It contains the same product information you'll find here, but you'd have your very own paper copy to look at and show your friends. Would you like one? You can e-mail, fax, or snail-mail me!

In the U.S. - The Catalog is FREE
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Thanks, Betty the Cyber Cat!

Cat Faeries is a feline run mail order business that provides healthy things and pretty things for cats and their humans. I am BETTY a 4 year old Rushin' Blue cyber cat! I wrote this cat-alog to bring enchantments and good health to everyone.

Every Cat Faeries order comes with a purrsonal message from ME. Your shipping box or envelope has more than one life - I always put a pinch of my organic catnip in the packaging material (re-cyclable of course!) therefore it becomes a cat toy for your kitty.

Assisting me are two humans. GAIL COLOMBO (or Mommie as I call her) tends to my every need and will take care of your orders and questions. BILL NIEMEYER (or Daddy as I call him) is my live-in computer nerd and is responsible for getting my catalog on-line for you. His web development company is Centrimedia.

Betty the Cyber-Cat recommends using Netscape Navigator 1.1 or a browser that supports HTML 3.0 so you can be dazzled by the colors of our web page catalog.

"Why does my tail twitch so? A Cat Faerie is dancing upon it!" Betty

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The Cat Faeries Catalog
of healthy and pretty products for cats and the people who love them.

Betty's Picture Gallery of cats from around the world.

The Cat Faeries WebZine - The Cat Faeries WebZine is a collection of articles and ideas on natural cat care and much more! Our first edition features two articles by my Mommie Gail Colombo, who is a former Contributing Editor of Tiger Tribe magazine, and a member of The Cat Writers Association.

Coming soon will be more articles from Gail, old and new, along with articles from our own contributors and other features.

Cat Shows and other events that Cat Faeries will be attending.

Betty's Links take a look at my purrrrrsonal favorite links! I'll bet there are some you've never seen before! purr purr purr

A Special Product for Cyber-Cats!
Cat Shape Mouse Pad - $13.95
This cat won't eat your mouse, or shed fur on your keyboard! Adorable brown and black cat will enchant any cyber person or cyber cat. Soft cloth surface is machine washable and imprint is guaranteed for the life of the pad. A must have for any computer - at home or at work. 10" wide by 7" tall. See a picture of it.

We're So Proud!
Cat Faeries has been selected as the
Worst Stupid Pet Site of 1995 by Internet World Magazine
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On the other hand, Cat Faeries has been reviewed and selected as one of the Top 5% of all sites on the Internet by Point Survey!

More news! Cat Faeries was selected as The Cosmic Site of The Night for January 5th. by AdZe MiXXe, Astrologer Extraordinaire!

Betty and Cat Faeries support the First Amendment and Free Speech Online.

Please visit us again! I will be adding more friends to my gallery, new products and new articles! purr purr purr Write to me and I'll write back to YOU! [email protected]
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