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OneWorld's first training day on how to create a good web page has just happened - to glowing feedback from the trainees.

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    The Web's alternative news service


    Five essential multimedia stories from the last six months:
    Special feature running for the week commencing 29 July
    News from over 80 countries: Global themes and special reports from around the world

    Your free online exhibition centre


    Shahidul Alam: In words and pictures, the intense struggle against repression in Bangladesh
    The rest of the gallery: Landmines, Sand Colours, Hiroshima, the best of Mark Edwards' photos - plus art from Year 8 kids, UK (Image©Shahidul Alam)

    Your gateway to partners' own sites


    British Overseas Development the latest newsletter from the ODA.
    All OneWorld's partner sites: Now 60-plus organisations - with their material regularly updated [Image ©AMNESTY]

    Broadcast, print, and new media


    BBC World's Earth Report: Rebuilding Bosnia's shattered water supply
    The rest of the media pages: Television, books, radio, video-clips, CD-ROMs, videos, Internet links [Image ©TVE]

    Guides to the issues that really matter


    Refugees - Western Sahara: Its people, land, present conflict, refugee camps, schooling and the Spanish Voices project
    The rest of the guides: Cities, energy, human rights, refugees, Bosnia, Rwanda, Landmines...[Image ©Nancy McGirr/Black Star]

    Ways to get involved


    Stop Torture Now! How you can help Amnesty wipe out the use of torture worldwide
    The rest of the action: Feedback, jobs, voluntary work, conferences, diary and courses [Image ©Amnesty]

    Resources for students and teachers


    Talk dirty: with Benjamin Zephaniah
    The schools pages: Yards of classroom material on the environment, money matters, and more.(Image©OneWorld Online)

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