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Harlan's Introduction to EDGEWORKS Volume 2

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Harlan Welcomes You to His Home on the Net

There's a picture here but you can't see it.Harlan and Susan Ellison, taken at the 41st Writers Guild of America banquet.

I originally had a closeup of one of my own photos here, but was told by someone whose judgement I trust that it made Harlan look like he was eighty and had Alzheimer's. Since I am apparently no Ansel Adams, and since I come to praise Ellison and not to Reaganize him, I decided to use a picture of him from some other source. I first put up this picture from the back cover of The Harlan Ellison Hornbook, but my team of high-priced lawyers finally talked me into using the picture I'm using now, scanned with permission from the Harlan Ellison Recording Collection's newletter, The Rabbit Hole, Volume 3, Number 4.
Photo: Anne Fishbein

Tribute to My Vanity

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Hi. If you're looking for 5-megabyte push-pull animations or wicked-ass backgrounds or other gee-whizzery, then you're SOL. Webderland don't got no imagemaps or real-time pictures of my book collection or automatic recordings of the blood sugar levels of the last 50 visitors. All it's got is me. I do have permission from Harlan to run this page, but what I need now is input from you as to what's missing, what you like and dislike, and what you would like to know.

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Last Update: 08/16/96: Ellison's Intro to Edgeworks 2, Peter David's FOE articles, new pages for Ellison releases and Ellison's words, Friends of Ellison info

Finally, a vanities section just wouldn't be complete without an Awards Page for myself and Harlan.

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Late-breaking news about Ellison's life and work, and some of it is even true! Updated twice monthly.

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Picture Gallery 07/06/96

The Ellison Gallery. Almost all pictures are around 20-30K (JPG) and thumbnails are provided on the main page for those of you without a T1.


Ellison Biographical Information, including real and surreal biographies and bibliographies.


Get information on resources like the Harlan Ellison Recording Collection and the Friends of Ellison.

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Information on how to order Ellison's books and recordings through the Harlan Ellison Recording Collection.

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That's all I got right now! But stay tuned!

Photo of Ellison, at work, with

typewriterType at you later!

(Cigarette surgically removed from Ellison's mouth by Photoshop upon request, as this photo is from 1962 and the author quit cigarette smoking over thirty years ago and pipe smoking in 1991. But just in case there are any tobacco lobbyists perusing this page: for the right price, I could very quickly put anything from a Virginia Slims to a whole pack of unfiltered Lucky Strikes into that highly marketable mouth. - Ed.)

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