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Congratulations, you're on the Hollywood A-list. You have a private invitation to view special screenings, get the latest scoop and even take a stroll on the studio lot. So come on in. We've saved you the best seat in the house.
Studio Tours

Sneak past the guard at the gate and take a look at 70 years of movie magic. Download VR movies of stages, current sets and even the commissary. Act casual, but keep your eyes peeled--you never know who you might bump into.
Preview Theatre

Get your popcorn, grab a drink then come on in and have a seat. The Preview Theater will turn your computer into a movie house. Here you can download movies, sound bits, screen savers and more.
Movie Talk Cafe

Do lunch. Pitch a story. Get the latest gossip or review the latest flick. It's all here in the Forum bulletin board and the Palace Chat. Practice your "Luv ya! Air kiss! Ciao, babe!" and we'll meet you there.
Time Warp

From historical films to hysterical films. From the late greats to the latest and greatest. Here's your chance to see everything that's happened since William Fox started a small New York nickelodeon in 1920.
Studio Store

Forget 5th avenue and Rodeo Drive--this is where the stars really shop. Get the latest shirts, posters and paraphernalia from television and feature films. Drop in for a look. Because no trip to the studio is complete without a souvenir.
Studio Pressroom

Show your press card at the door, and you're privy to all the latest news and views from the entertainment world. Catch all the buzz. See what's all the rage. Here's where you get the scoop, newshound.
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