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Now available for Windows '95:

The Game

Emperor of the Fading Suns is a grand-level strategy game in the tradition of such classic games as Civilization TM, Merchant Prince TM, Empire TM, Master of Orion TM and others. It features combat in space and on planets as up to five players maneuver their powerful armies around the Known Worlds. They each begin with partial control of a planet, and seek to expand their power through conquest and diplomacy.

Along the way, they can rediscover ancient technologies and advancements-or lose them to deadly Inquisitors. He who can convince (or force) others to elect him Regent, can assign out powerful Imperial positions-admiral of the Imperial space fleet, general of the fearsome Stigma garrison or director of the dreaded Imperial Eye and its deadly spies. Investigate ruins and rediscover holy artifacts or legions of vile warlocks. Manage the development of entire planets, creating mining installations, factories, fusoriums, cybernetic plants, labs and more. Use diplomacy to create complex contracts with determined opponents. Choose from more than 100 unique unit types to build, from psychic Dervishes to Pestulator Artillery.

The game takes place in the rich universe of the Fading Suns, the popular science fiction roleplaying game from Holistic Design. Holistic Design, designers of the computer hits Merchant Prince, Battles of Destiny, Hammer of the Gods, and Machiavelli the Prince, also designed the Emperor of the Fading Suns.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows '95
  • 486/66 CPU or Faster
  • DirectX Compatible Video Card
  • 40 Megabytes of Free Hard Drive Space
  • 2X CD-ROM Drive or Faster

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* Explore new planets, research ancient technologies and control the growth of an Empire
* Wage war with up to four opponents, battling for territory and forging strategic alliances crucial to securing the Crown
* Colonial outposts come to vivid life though fully-realized environments teeming with trade and treachery
* Continually evolving storyline provides multiple ways to win and a game that never plays the same way twice
* Richly detailed gameplay, meticulously rendered units and an exciting original soundtrack combine for a totally immersive gaming experience
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In 4550 A.D. Vladimir I crowned himself Emperor with his own hands-and died within moments.

The commonwealth of humanity was shattered. For four hundred years, civilization existed in darkness, ruled by ignorance and fear. As the hope of humanity dies, so die the suns, for the stars themselves are seen to fade. The Fading Suns are a portent, it is said, of the coming doom.

Many feel that humanity needs strong, dedicated leaders for the uncertain future. You are one of these leaders, the head of an ancient Royal House. Should you succeed both on the field of battle and in the halls of diplomacy, you can convince the other houses to elect you Regent. From there, you may set your path for the throne and declare yourself Emperor.

But there are many challenges to your ambition. Each of the other houses eyes the crown. The Patriarch, head of the monolithic Universal Church, seeks to establish a theocracy, and pull the strings of a puppet emperor. The Merchant League seeks to abolish the nobility altogether, creating a new republic dedicated to making themselves rich beyond imagining. On top of these factions, the enigmatic and alien Vau are a constant concern and the vicious Symbiots seek any chance to rampage through human space.

The only solution is to unite the scattered remnants of Vladimir's rule, to once again hail an Emperor on the throne of the Known Worlds.

It is not an easy task. None of your rivals can see past their own short-sighted desires, yet they each control elector votes. Emperor Vladimir distributed these Scepters at the signing of the Great Charter. Only with these votes can you become Regent. Only as Regent can you reach the true throne-and defend your position as Emperor of the Fading Suns!

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