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The internet, the Craft and the Future

The ever busy Gordon Charlton has written a booklet about masonry on the net.

"This paper is written as an introduction to Freemasonry on the Internet, for the benefit and interest of non-online Brethren. It gives a simple description of some Masonic activities on the 'net, examines some of the issues raised, and and considers some ways in which the Internet may be used to the benefit of the Craft.

"Copyright remains with the author; Bro G Charlton."

A MS Publisher version of the file !

UK Masons on Compuserve

There is a lot going on in The Masonry Forum on Compuserve.

Find out more here

UK Masonry Mailing List

A mailing list allows you to join an electronic correspondence circle. All members of the list receive messages by e-mail simillar to a usenet group. Find out more about the UK Masonry mailing list

UK Masons on ????

Where are they? As the UK's answer to Compuserve I'm afraid they are way ahead of us accross the pond. I know there are some Masonic CIXEN about so perhaps something may happen there. [email protected]
Since writing this things have started to happen!
[email protected]

Harmony Bulletin Board

I have just discovered the Harmony Bullletin Board

Masonry Universal

The Masonic E-Zine is for all Masons for more details.

IRC Internat Relay Chat

There is a channel, #FREEMASONS and by using Internet Relay Chat you can talk real time with other e-masons
Here is a page with more details.
For UK Masons try at about 8:00pm (20:00Hrs) on Sundays

Goose & Gridiron Society

This appears to be a group of readers of "The Square" Magazine organising events with a Masonic flavour. for more details.

UK Masonry Diary

I have prepared a diary of Masonic events I hope will be of interest to UK Brethren. However I accept no responsibility for its accuracy. Please check details with the contacts given.
Please do not hesitate to e-mail anything you want included. UK Mason Diary

Informatio required / Trading post / Personal Advertisments

If anybody wishes to trade regalia etc. I will publish details for them. I will also post here any Personal type advertisments.
for Bargains Galore ?

Masonic Links

A BIG thank you to everybody who has placed a link to this page. It is very interesting to watch this Masonic Web grow.

Needless to say I will do likewise. So For Other Masonic Links
I have just revised the site (27 Feb 1996) and I would welcome any comments, suggestions or contributions so mail me at [email protected]


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