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When staying on top means staying in touch, let the professionals at Cellnet Cellular keep you connected. We're an authorized reseller of both Metro-Detroit airtime carriers with over 20 years of experience in the mobile communications industry. Our four convenient locations provide on-site sales, service and installation of the top manufacturers' cellular products. We also offer numeric and alphanumeric pagers, voice mail and innovative mobile office solutions. While you're here, we encourage you to explore Cellnet Cellular, and discover how we can give you more value for your cellular dollar. Don't forget to register to win a free cellular phone, and be sure to stop back frequently for the latest information on new products and services that can make your personal communications easier. The New Wireless Products area now contains prices and ordering information. If you're looking for a specific product, let us know and we'll email you pricing and ordering information. Thank you for stopping by. Please browse our list of links to other interesting sites, and we hope you'll visit again soon.

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"If I hadn't had my cellular phone in my top pocket, that bullet would have gone right through my heart"... and other stories of how wireless communication can improve your business and personal lives"

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Cellnet Cellular
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