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Be sure to see his most recent movies Desperado, Never Talk to Strangers, and Assassins!!!! Now available at your local rental place

Presently his most upcoming movie is the musical Evita where he will play Che Guevara, an opposite to Madonna who will play Eva Peron. It's an excellant musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber. I also happen to know for a fact the Antonio has an excellant Voice, which is quite evident if you buy the Mambo Kings Soundtrack, where he sings the big song of the Movie "Beautiful Maria of My Soul" SO Be sure to SEE the movie when it comes out!!!!

I predict he will be People Magazine's Sexiest Man for 1997

Just in case you don't know who the heck he is yet: He was Tom Hank's lover in Philadelphia (A movie strongly recommend especially if you are in the mood to watch a crying movie), He was Armand, the vampire king in Paris, in Interview with the Vampire (stole the show from Mr. Cruise and Mr. Pitt), and also his first American Movie was the Mambo Kings where he played a handsome young Cuban perfectly!!!! He has of course been in many other movies but these are the most recognizable ones. For more info check out other pages listed at the bottom!!!!

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT ANTONIO'S movie made in Spain now available in Good Video Store: OUTRAGE


On this page I chose not to bore with boring dribble about this actors life. Instead I thought this page would be a nice place to simply sit back and look at this handsome young man. If you would like to learn more about the actor and his other accomplishments please see these other pages:



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