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Gard's laws on love

...or things that make you go... Aaaaaaaaaargh!!!

  1. If you meet a woman, and you like her, then she...
  2. If a girl likes you, then you won't know before she has lost her interest in you and it is impossible to get her back.
  3. If you meet a girl who likes you, and you like her, and she doesn't have a boyfriend, then she will have one within the week, and it isn't you.
  4. The only way to win a girl is to take her love for granted (if you keep questioning it, she'll get tired of you).
  5. If you take love for granted, everything will just go to hell.
  6. If you don't have a girlfriend, there's always someone to remind you about it.
  7. If you know a girl, date her, etc. etc. and in the end tell her that you love her, you won't hear from her again for the rest of your life.
  8. About who picks you up:
  9. If you have a friend who knows a girl who is desperately looking for a boy, he'll splice her with someone else.
  10. About finding love:
  11. There's always someone who is happy for his/her entire life, and it isn't you.
  12. If you both love something, she'll hate it next week.
  13. About winning/losing:
  14. If she's having a good time, it's not because of you.
  15. About dating:

By Gard Eggesb� Abrahamsen, with the exception of a few rules by Kai Trygve Holst