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Alleged, American Mafia Criminals

There is only one word from the Sicilian dialect of Italian which is known around the world: mafia.

MafiaNet Table of Contents

  1. in New York City region
    1. general allegations
      1. recent
      2. archive has some photographs
      3. older archive
      4. oldest archive
    2. specialized allegations
      1. carpentery, concrete, and construction
      2. garbage hauling has some maps
      3. San Gennaro Catholic street festival
      4. waterfront includes Fulton Fish Market
  2. not in New York City region (e.g., Pennsylvania)
  3. e-mail to MafiaNet
    1. recently received e-mail available for reading one of the best pages here
    2. recently received e-mail spoken to you (requires free software)
    3. archive
    4. old archive
    5. older archive
    6. even older archive
    7. oldest archive
  4. information about MafiaNet
  5. :-)

3 July 1996

Credit: TIGER map, Census Bureau, U.S. Dept. of Commerce

The MafiaNet Web pages would be much nicer if the FBI did not illegally (in clear violation of FOIA) refuse to provide me with Mafia-related records and files in its possession (for example, movies and sound recordings).

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