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Welcome to ActNow!

Welcome to ActNow!
Bringing Talent and Casting together on the WWW

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ActNow! is a World Wide Web Site designed to bring the performing and casting communities together. Our on-line database was created to let Actors, Models, Singers, Dancers, Commedians...Etc. promote themselves in a non-intrusive way and to enable casting and production people to effectively and effortlessly source talent.

Talent can be accessed via a focused attribute and talent search utilizing ActNow! 's powerful, yet simple to use search engine. Define the appropriate parameters from the performer profile choices and ActNow! will return every available member instantly. ActNow! also offers the Talent Name Search for when you already know the performers name.

On the Actnow! database you will find performers presenting themselves in a way that is dynamic, engaging and interactive as each actors has a personalized location within our site on the WWW.

As you browse the database, you will encounter sites as concise as one page or as elaborate as twenty, depending upon the actor. The basic site, known generically on the Internet as a home page, is a digital portrait of their headshot and resume. In more advanced sites, actors have developed multi-paged presentations with "links" to an entire portfolio of media-rich information incorporating full color photography, audio, video, graphics and text.

Please explore some of the features that are available with ActNow!

ActNow! is not an agency. We are not engaged in promoting individual interests. Rather, we provide a vehicle for any performer to showcase his or her talent. To contact a member, please do so in the manner suggested by the performer on their personal location.

Here is a sample of performers currently utilizing the ActNow! database and how they will appear on-screen after a talent search.

For some helpful hints on creating, designing, and submitting your headshot, resumé, audio and video data please visit the member Preparation page. For more specific questions and pricing information, please contact us directly.

The Actors' Fund

Web Central, Inc., the parent company to ActNow!,is proud to support The Actors Fund of America, a national, nonprofit organization serving all entertainment professionals through comprehensive services and programs.

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