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About the Camelot Project

THE CAMELOT PROJECT is designed to make available in electronic format a database of Arthurian texts, images, bibliographies, and basic information. The project is sponsored by the University of Rochester and prepared in The Robbins Library, a branch of Rush Rhees Library. The Camelot Project has been designed by Alan Lupack, Curator of the Robbins Library, and Barbara Tepa Lupack. Victoria Szabo has assisted in developing procedures for formatting texts and in the design of home pages and menus. Corinne Arraez, Jennifer Church, Elizabeth Turner, Leni Rayburn, Donna Bell, Jessica Forbes, Juliet Sloger, Keith Parkins and Christine Bertie have assisted in the preparation of documents and images for inclusion. Thomas Hickman of the Robbins Library assists with the proofing of material for inclusion. Jonathan Dick of the Computing Center at the University of Rochester, Jackie Forbes and David Neuland of the Microcomputer Services Dept. of Rush Rhees Library have provided training and technical support. The Interlibrary Loan Department of Rush Rhees Library has provided invaluable assistance in obtaining texts used in the project.

The Main Menu lists Arthurian characters, symbols, and sites. You may move from any highlighted element to a sub-menu of basic information, texts, images, and a bibliography about that subject. You may also look at a menu arranged by author with most medieval texts listed under the heading "Anonymous." A third menu lists artists and their works. Not all of the submenus are complete; and in some senses the project will always be "under construction" since we will constantly be adding information, bibliographic citations, texts and images.

Comments and questions may be addressed to Alan Lupack (alpk@

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