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Welcome to the Indonesian Tropical Forest.

sign.gifThe future of the forests is the future of Mankind. Their survival is our survival. Today some people keep on telling us that deforestation or exploitation of the rainforest or tropical forest caused the global warming. I can't help but agree ....,to some extent. No forest is immune to human population growth or economic development. My country, Indonesia, with a responsibility for 10 percent of the planet's tropical forests, has also try to preserve these lands for future generations. At the same time, the nation has to use its natural resources to improve the quality of life for its citizens.
You can learn more about Indonesia's tropical forests by joining us on a tour of our Flora, Fauna or Birds. We hope these will excite and inform you, because only by understanding the physical beauty and variety of the forests as well as the challenge face by country, will you appreciate their importance. We also hope you will plan to come to Indonesia and see these lands in their native state, in their full glory and splendor. They are truly one of Earth's greatest treasures and let us pray that they will be with us always.

Are you ready to begin your tour? If you prefer a mellow beginning, I suggest you start with the flora tour; which is extremely beautiful and full of wonderful surprises. I hope you are all geared up - it can get pretty rough out there, especially in the fauna tour. The later tour is a dangerous one. But don't worry. Your humble guide is very experienced (hopefully), and (if you have a sound card) there are beautiful music along the way. If you are ready, then ....Let's go.

jungle kingIf you prefer to start with a breath taking adventure, then take this way. Although this tour is very dangerous one, but I believe that you will enjoy the experience. But, again I remind you, please be careful, especially when you want to see the Komodo Dragons. Although it's not as dangerous as T-Rex (remember Jurassic Park?), but if they are hungry, they can eat you alive (just kidding!). Another interesting encounter is with the ancestor of King Kong, and the only way to meet them is through this encounter.

The last-but-not-least place to complete the journey is to see the efforts to save the rainforest. Some criticised, that this effort is not enough, and want us to stop exploring the tropical/rainforest no matter what. Do they think that we, Indonesian, were satisfied with the results?. No, we also aren't satisfy. Don't they know that we are also want to preserve the rainforest (because it's our natural resources) more than they do? To let you have more information, please visit this information counter. If you still don't satisfy and want to have another information or suggestion or comment (..or whatever) please visit my other homepage or e-mail me. For your information, I am not and was not a goverment-man. I am just an Indonesian who love my country as much as you do (to your country), so feel free to contact me.


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