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Selected Music Lyrics

These files are selected music lyrics. Actually, they're just lyrics that I've gotten for myself. They're mostly rock, and most of the bands rule. For more lyrics check out the Music Page on this site.

@ALBUM - Back in Black
@SONG - Big Gun
@ALBUM - Dirty Deeds
@SONG - For Those About to Rock
@ALBUM - Highway to Hell
@SONG - Money Talks
@SONG - You Shook Me All Night Long

@ALBUM - Big Ones
@SONG - Dream On
@ALBUM - Pump
@SONG - Walk This Way

Alice in Chains:
@ALBUM - Dirt
@ALBUM - Facelift
@ALBUM - Jar of Flies
@ALBUM - Sap

Black Crowes:
@ALBUM - Shake Your Moneymaker
@ALBUM - The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion

Black Sabbath:
@ALBUM - Paranoid

@ALBUM - Sixteen Stone

Faith No More:
@ALBUM - The Real Thing

The Foo Fighters:
@ALBUM - Foo Fighters

Guns -N- Roses:
@ALBUM - Appetite for Destruction
@ALBUM - Use Your Illusion I
@ALBUM - Use Your Illusion II

Jane's Addiction:
@ALBUM - Ritual de lo Habital

King Missile:
@SONG - Detachable Penis

@ALBUM - Throwing Copper
@ALBUM - Mental Jewelery

Living Colour:
@ALBUM - Vivid

@ALBUM - Countdown to Extinction
@ALBUM - Youthanasia

@.WAV - 18 Second Clip from King Nothing
@SONG - Until It Sleeps
@ALBUM - ...And Justice for All
@ALBUM - Kill 'Em All
@ALBUM - Master of Puppets
@ALBUM - Metallica (The Black Album)
@ALBUM - Ride the Lightning

Nine Inch Nails:
@ALBUM - Pretty Hate Machine

@ALBUM - Nevermind
@ALBUM - Unplugged in New York

@ALBUM - Smash

Ozzy Osbourne:
@ALBUM - Blizzard of Ozz
@ALBUM - No More Tears
@ALBUM - Ozzmosis

Pearl Jam:
@ALBUM - Ten
@ALBUM - Vs.
@ALBUM - Vitalogy
@SONG - Yellow Ledbetter

Rage Against the Machine:
@SONG - Killing in the Name

Red Hot Chili Peppers:
@ALBUM - One Hot Minute

Sandler, Adam:
@SONG - Thanksgiving Song

@ALBUM - Badmotorfinger
@ALBUM - Superunknown

Stone Temple Pilots:
@ALBUM - Core
@ALBUM - Purple

Temple of the Dog:
@ALBUM - Temple of the Dog

@SONG - Signs

@GUITAR_TAB - Possum Kingdom Guitar TAB

White Zombie:
@SONG - Super Charger Heaven
@SONG - Thunder Kiss '65

Yankovic, "Weird Al":
@ALBUM - Alapalooza
@ALBUM - Off the Deep End

Whew! I'm glad that's over with!
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