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The Betty Notebooks By Anonymous
Shocking, unexpurgated true-life tales of female lust and anomie -- from the generation so WILD they called it "X"!!!

Entering Strong & Rising By Mary Elizabeth Williams
Wondering what current album to spin to set the horizontal mood? SALON's exclusive make-out guide to the Billboard Top Ten.

"You, Sir, Are an Unmitigated Cad!" By Gary Kamiya
An appreciation of Hollywood's greatest lounge lizard: George Sanders.

Weasel Balls, Crocodile Dung & a Black Cat Bone By Susan McCarthy
A visitor to the one and only Museum of Contraception.

Too Many Naked Women By Joel Stratte-McClure
Helmut Newton, the most famous purveyor of glossy flesh in the world, is swearing off nudes.

The People's Pit Bull Pat Buchanan is moving into the void left by liberals' failure to address class.

Supergirls and Little Women By Joyce Millman.
From chemically-empowered Alex Mack to "Sailor Moon's" intrepid heroines, teenage girls are recharging kids TV.

Al Franken Interview. By Mark Schapiro.
Stuart Smalley's creator reminds Rush Limbaugh -- whom he loves -- that every time you point a finger at someone else, three fingers are pointing back at you.


A SALON editorial: Washington's Indecent Act. The Communications Decency Act is absurd, unconstitutional, probably unenforceable -- and exposes just how fragile freedom of expression online really is.

Hot Button:

John Major's Final Cut. By demanding that the IRA disarm, the British prime minister has inflamed extremist hot-heads.

Non-Disclosure. The pundits are falling all over themselves praising "Primary Colors," the anonymous novel about the 1992 Clinton campaign -- ignoring the cowardice of the book and its author.

Moveable Feast: Love Bites By Amy Wallace
Starved for love? Feast your eyes on the ultimate aphrodisiac menu.

Word by Word: Anne Lamott's Online Diary
SALON introduces a new spoken-word column by the acclaimed writer.

Interview with a Grossologist By Leslie Crawford
Most people, if continually exposed to such substances as ear wax, diarrhea and projectile vomit, produce some of their own. Sylvia Branzei wrote a book.

Verbivore. By Richard Lederer
A Celebration of Presidential Prose. SALON's word wizard looks at Lincoln's Gettysburg address and offers a Presidential poser. The winner receives a $25 gift certificate from Borders Books & Music.

The Listress. By Amy Wallace
Famous Last Words. Did the expiring Henry James say, "I'm bored...I'm bored" -- or was that Dutch Schultz? The first person to successfully match wits with The Listress wins a $25 gift certificate from Borders Books & Music.

Solution to last issue's 5-Minute Mystery



"The Love Affair as a Work of Art" By Laura Miller
The love affairs examined in Dan Hofstadter's book end up looking less like masterpieces and more like histrionic poses by Gallic hams.

"Manhood in America: A Cultural History" By Dwight Garner
Sensitive New Age Academic Guy Michael Kimmel wants to point the way beyond Iron John. Instead, he offers up a bland rehash of middlebrow opinion and just plain bad writing.


Music From the World's Trouble Spots. By Milo Miles
Desperate situations can lead to powerful popular art.


Short reviews of the most intriguing new books, including collections by John McPhee and John Lahr, the biography of a scandalous "queen of bohemia," a pitch-black satire of theme-park America and "Pollen," the psychedelic sequel to Jeff Noon's "Vurt."


Ill Humor. Ian Shoales insists, even under duress, that his momma is a gangsta.

The Awful Truth. Happy Valentine's Day -- now shut up and dig your trench. Cintra Wilson on breaking up.


Tom Tomorrow: This Modern World.
Carol Lay: Story Minute
Keith Knight: The K Chronicles
Ruben Bolling: Tom, The Dancing Bug


We've taken Table Talk down for a few days as part of a transition to a whole new system that will retain our conversation area's content and style but will be more stable and reliable. Look for the debut of a new, improved Table Talk by February 18.


Valentines and vituperation from our far-flung readers.


SALON is hiring - inquire within.


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