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Here you will find information about the complete product range of today.
Read about the outstanding driving features, safety and
environmental issues, comfort and the unique design of the different Volvo cars.

N.B. All markets do not import all models. Please contact your local importer or dealer for relevant information regarding your market

Special Vehicles

Volvo's special vehicles such as Ambulances, Armoured Cars, Hearses, Medical Transports, Police Cars, Service and Goods Vehicles, Taxis, Volvo 850 Bi-fuel and finally the Limousines are presented under this section.

Volvo 440/460

The Volvo 440/460 series represents Volvo in the compact segment. It is a genuine Volvo in terms of design, comfort, driving characteristics and safety.

Volvo S40

The Volvo S40 a classical saloon, which offers you the very latest technology together with Volvo's classical values; quality, safety, reliability and environmental concern and of course value for money.

Volvo V40

Look at the latest member of the Volvo car family, which has recently been presented in Bologna, Italy.

Volvo 850

The Volvo 850 is a car which combines driving pleasure with safety, performance with economy, comfort with flexibility plus extra space when it is needed.

Volvo 940

The Volvo 940 represents all the values which are traditionally associated with Volvo - and this applies in particular to the estate. It is reliable, safe and offers extremely advantageous overall economy, both for private owner¹s and as a company car.

Volvo 960

The Volvo 960 is the most exclusive in the Volvo program. Like all Volvo models, it comes up to very high standards, in terms of design, comfort, driving characteristics and safety. It is solid, crash-safe and silent. What counts is precision and consistent quality - right down to the smallest detail.

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