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Virtual Reality at the Cornell Theory Center

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Richard E. Gillilan

Visualization Group
Cornell Theory Center
Ithaca, NY 14853-380
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information last updated 4/96


As part of an on-going effort to provide high-performance interactive visualization, the Theory Center has constructed a room-sized virtual reality facility. Although the use of virtual reality in scientific research is still in its infancy, a wide variety of scientific disciplines are beginning to take advantage of the technology. Many recent applications, including our own, were represented as part of the I-WAY project at SuperComputing 95. This document details our use of virtual reality and gives instructions for using our facility and notes on effective use.

Current Applications

Chagas Disease: on the path of a tropical parasite

"It is most disgusting to feel soft wingless insects about one inch long crawling over one's body. Before sucking, they are quite thin but afterwards they become round and bloated with blood, and in this state they are easily crushed". - Charles Darwin, March 25, 1835

Frequently asked questions about virtual reality

Using virtual reality effectively

Using the CTC's VR facility

Software: WorkSpace

I-WAY VR Software Design Team

Tracking Calibration

A VR module for IBM's Visualization Data Explorer