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Last Updated July 23, 1996

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NEW The AquaLink Tour
New To AquaLink? Lost? AquaLink is getting extremely big. We currently house close to 100 megabytes of aquaria information, and it's getting increasingly harder to display the contents. This handly little tour, features "Jiggles" the tour guide and "Ray" the lost net surfer, will take you through the server and explain all of the features that AquaLink has to offer.

AquaLink Direct

Introducting our newest service, AquaLink Direct. Now you can order high quality aquaria merchandise from the name you trust, at far below retail prices. Here are a few of our great prices:
  • $165 Berlin Skimmers
  • $149 CPR Bak-Pak Skimmers
  • $199 Octopus 2000 base systems
  • $489+ ETS Skimmers
  • $199 TEK Doser Pumps
  • $139 Tsunami Wavemakers

TEK Doser

Natureef Denitrification

Octopus 2000 Comtroller

We're Growing
If you haven't noticed already, AquaLink has changed its appearance. We have utilized a format that should load faster on most browsers, while offering a more attractive appearance.

Used Equipment Sale
As of July 23, these items are available to AquaLink members.
  • $400 Octopus 2000 Complete
  • $80 Ocean Clear 340
  • $50 29 Gallon Oak Canopy (new)

Attention Aquaria Experts
We need your help. If you'd like to become a help service representative, please let us know

New Columns

  • Getting Your Hands Wet by Cynthia Powers
  • River Tank Eco-System by Ron Beaudry
  • The Loach Column by David Purnell

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