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Welcome to Harmony Pictures.
We are one of the largest television commercial production companies in the U.S. and are located in Hollywood, CA
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We invite you to browse and make yourselves at home. These sites are under construction, however, so please bear with the dust and debris... We are best viewed with a Netscape 1.1 or an MS Internet Explorer compatible web browser.

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Our new address is:
6806 Lexington Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90038
213.960.1400 FAX 213.960.1411
NY 212.529.1990

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Boris Damast

* NOTE * You will shortly be given the option to view spots from our directors' reels on your computer. (Not yet implemented but stay tuned...) Once in the director's page, simply click on the large still image to view a smoother clip (bigger file, longer download) or the small image for a low resolution clip (smaller file, faster download). If you're accessing the Internet over a modem the download time is prohibitive - more than 20 minutes for a high resolution 30 second spot. Using ISDN or T1 lines, the download is reasonable (30 seconds to 4 minutes).

Jeff France

Nikolai Karo

Gary Lankford

Ian Macdonald

Ken Morrison

Bill Scarlet

Branson Veal

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