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Apple Computer's QuickTime Live

"It's going to be a party on the Web that people will be able to see, hear, read and talk about, regardless of their place on the planet."
-- Jason Newsted, METALLICA bassist

Greetings from Jason & James: Bass player Jason Newsted and singer/guitarist James Hetfield welcome you to the Webcast via QuickTime movie (1.6 MB).

Greetings from Kirk & Lars: Guitarist Kirk Hammett and drummer Lars Ulrich welcome you to the Webcast via QuickTime movie (1.0 MB).

It all happened at METALLICA Live! METALLICA played live for the world via the Web Monday at 10 pm PDT (Tuesday, June 11, 6 am London, 5 pm Tokyo). The physical site was Slim's, a small club in San Francisco, but the Webcast crew beamed the show all around the world, live as it happened in spycams, music, video, pictures and descriptions.

We've posted many videos and photos from the evening -- check them out!

Visit the Archives for even more news, movies, and chat transcripts from the webcast.

3D Sound Check: (QTVR movie, 800 KB) Join METALLICA onstage as they warm up for the members-only gig on June 10th in SF. QuickTime VR takes you there. If you don't have the player yet, stop by Helpers & Tools for all your webcast needs.

Smile for the Camera: METALLICA can grin, as our photographers discover during an interview, band rehearsal and the Truck Tour. Visit the Photo Gallery for lots of good snaps.

All the News: Savor the "Until It Sleeps" video, meet Miss Elaineous in the Truck Tour Pit, contemplate the Top Ten Rejected Four-Letter Words Beginning with the Letter L and browse our other exclusive and timely METALLICA reports.

New METALLICA Music: Hear three cuts from METALLICA's just-released LOAD album! Get a preview of "2X4" (57KB), "King Nothing" (90 KB) and "The House Jack Built" (82 KB). (Requires 28.8k or faster connection and RealAudio Player -- see Helpers & Tools if you need software).

Instructions & Guidelines: Before viewing the Webcast be sure to check out Helpers & Tools or use the Helper Selector to get what you need based on CPU, operating system and connection speed. Now available: Xing Streamworks for live and on-demand video and audio for Windows & Unix.

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