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Finder chart of C/1996 Q1 (Tabur) provided by Dale Ireland. The constellation of Orion, the hunter is to the lower right. Left Image: C/1995 O1 Hale-Bopp 120 second exposure 1996 Aug 9.4315 (10:21 UT) . North is up in this 22' X 15' field. False colour palette has been applied to show detail in the inner coma as well as the extensive outer coma and tail which more than fill the field. Taken with a 25cm f/4.1 Newtonian and HI-SIS 22 CCD from Loomberah NSW Australia 151.05E 31.33S 845m ASL. Copyright 1996©Gordon Garradd. (304K)

Right Image: C/1996 B2 Hyakutake 300 second exposure 1996 Aug 9.468 (11:14 UT). North is up in this false colour image showing the comet in the far southern Milky Way, field of view is 16'.5 X 12'.3. Taken with a 25cm f/4.1 Newtonian and HI-SIS 22 CCD from Loomberah NSW Australia. Copyright 1996©Gordon Garradd. (240K)

This page has lots of images... a selection of recent images can be found here...there are hundreds images in the complete archive.

The author of this page will be out of the office until Monday, September 9. I realize that I am very far behind in posting images. Please DO NOT submit any more images (or resubmit what you have already sent...I did get them) while I am gone. I will try to catch-up once I return. Do send your visual observations as usual..csm

Last Updated: 26 August 1996

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Recent News and Observations New comet C/1996 Q1 may reach 5th mag. (8/25/96)
Comet Light Curves (3/6/96)
Ephemerides for Current Visually Observable Comets Ephemeris for 96 Q1 (Tabur) (8/23/96)
Comet Definitions
Other Sources of Comet Information (2/2/96)

Comet Images (8/26/96)

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