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I've Got Sticky Fingers (Midi file)

  • Probably the most requested song I get in performances. This is all about my niece "Molly" and her sticky fingers. A really fun song to sing.


    Dreamland (Midi file)

    • The title song of my album and the first children's song I ever wrote for my son. It's a lullaby.


      I Don't Wanna Go To Bed (Midi file)

      • Another song written for my son "Stuart". If you don't like to go to bed this is the song for you. Watch out, the chorus is a tongue twister.


        First Day of School (Midi file)

        • You will have Mom and Dad crying their eyes out with this one! There are no drums so you have to watch the rhythm carefully.


          Scary Night (Midi file)

          • This one is fun to sing - with lots of strange and scary creatures. Your mouth will have to be quick to get in all the words.


            It' Raining (Midi file)

            • Bored? Don't know what to do on a rainy day? Try singing this song - it won't cheer you up but it has a nice fade (I love fades) at the end.


              Tooth Fairy (Midi file)

              • The calm reggae feeling in this song will help soothe you to sleep and before you know it... Poof ... you will wake up with money. This song has a nice long fade at the end, which is always fun to sing.


                It's Winter (Midi file)

                • This is a very easy - pop style song to sing about winter and all the fun stuff there is to do.


                  Say Hello To The Rising Sun (Midi file)

                  • A very cheerful upbeat song with words that roll off your tongue. The beginning is a little tough to come in on, as it is so quick. On my album it begins after the cuckoo clock chimes in, and I wanted the effect of suddenly waking up ... singing.
                    (oh like you have never done that ! ) .


                    Jump My Way To The Moon (Midi file)

                    • Do you like to jump on your bed? Well ... if you do this song is for you. It's about a kid who jumps on his bed so hard he bounces straight up to the moon.


                      Meadow (Midi file)

                      • This is just a little song I wrote that has no lyrics. It just reminded me of running through the meadow.

                        More Music By: Jack Will

                        These are new songs, adult songs, and other bits and pieces not included in the file.
                        Midi File Song Name Age LyricsDescription
                        Jwill12 Never Goin' Home Adult Yes A slow and sad song I wrote about 3 years ago.
                        Jwill15 I Want A Dog Child Yes My son bugged me and bugged me to get a dog, and this song is about his relentless pestering.
                        Jwill22 Untitled All No A piece I wrote for a computer game.
                        Jwill23 Week Days Child Yes Three part song for bears, based on the days of the week.

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