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THE TOMB of NIANKHKHNUM and KHNUMHOTEP was discovered in 1964 in the necropolis of Saqqara. The tomb was found when archaeologists under the direction of Mounir Basta and Ahmed Mousa conducted a series of probes into the escarpment on the southern side of the causeway of Unas, where a series of rock-cut chambers were then discovered. When archaeologists began restoration work on the causeway it was discovered that certain of the blocks that were incorporated in its original construction had been appropriated in ancient times from a Mastaba that had been connected to the rock-cut chambers. The archaeologists reconstructed the mastaba using blocks found in the substructure of the causeway. It was revealed that this tomb had been built for two men to co-habit and that both shared identical titles in the palace of King Niusere of the Fifth Dynasty: "OVERSEER OF THE MANICURISTS IN THE PALACE OF THE KING." To take a tour of the tomb and to see some of the remarkable representations of these two men click on the icon of the manicurists'.