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Images from the Roswell Film
( Shown in a Major Newspaper in France
and on RTL TV in Germany, 6/95 )

Well, we all have been curious to have a visual image from the Roswell Film that Mr. Santilli has. Of course, if we haven't been able to attend the public showing in England on May 5th, or were able to view the five still images shown on television in France & Germany in June ('95), then we are still waiting for the video to be released in August, or as Mr. Santilli shared in his live conference on Compuserve in the Encounters Forum, on August 28th, all major media will be showing parts of the film. Finally, through the efforts of Michael Taylor and Steve Kaeser, who know of our interest here at V J Enterprises about this topic, we can show you what has been shown on TV in France, images from the film. Also Steve Kaeser believes that the image we share on of the writing is another picture from the film as well. We wish to publicly acknowledge Michael and Steve for sharing these images with us and also they included some insightful comments about the images in various e-mails we exchanged with some comments, that we think you will find valuable as well. There is no doubt in my mind, as more and more UFO related information is coming out, that we are very close to a breakthrough (as Mr. Strieber new book suggests, I recommend it to everyone, I am reading it now) and admission of the existence of UFOs.

So dear readers (and we really would love to here from you, send us an e-mail), we hope you enjoy this section and again, are open to hear comments. In addition, we are still waiting to hear from Mr. Santilli (7/1/95), as far as a trade we hope to make to share ordering information on his video in exchange for other photographs and documents we can share.

ILLINOIS signing off for now!!!!


Date: Thu, 29 Jun 95 00:48:59 -0700
From: Michael
Organization: electrogravitics
To: [email protected]
Subject: I've got the photos

Roswell Film Image #1

It (This photo) shows a closeup of the alien before its black eye covers were removed. Notice the the unusually large head, small nose, ears that are too low with no folds and various other abnormalities. The image quality on this scan is quite poor because it is from a newspaper.

Roswell Film Image #2

(This image) is a full body view of a bloated, female alien with a severe leg wound. According to several sources, there were four different aliens that were autopsied in the 90 minute film coverage.

Roswell Film Image #3

Shows the et's hand as clearly having six fingers.
(This is an enhanced image sent by Ken Watson of
of the Netherlands, that was shown on RTL TV.


In this section we share comments from various people related to the Roswell Film in general as well as the Still images shown on this page. Enjoy ..... ILLINOIS

From: michael
To: "Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro"
Subject: Re: I've got the photos



Thanks for the images, I received them all just find. Also another person had sent me an image of the hand too. I must admit, I am surprised at the apparence of the purported alien ... doesn't look at all what I expected and almost looks too human. Well, we will post it on our site this weekend and let people decide for themselves. If I do make this trade with Mr. Santilli (which I am wondering about, the Paragon site seems to have no images on it), I will see if the pictures he is promising are the same ones.

How did you get interested in all of this, where did you see these images? What do you think about them? Just curious, are you in Calif somewhere?

Thanks again for sharing, if I hear anything new, I will keep you updated?

- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * -



I was reading a computer conference interview with Ray Santilli and I think I saw your name on the transcript. Was that you? (Joshua: Yes, that was me, are you kidding, a chance to speak to Mr. Santilli live?)

Yes, the photos do look surprisingly human but there are some differences. The main difference is the lower placement of the ears and the larger head. In most expert opinions, these bodies are real and not just dummies as evidenced by the blood flow when cutting and the many other realistic features. One possibility is that the supposed aliens are altered human corpses. The fact that there are at least 4 different aliens that were shown being autopsied at different segments in the film, means that 4 seperate freakish looking human corpses had to be obtained for altering. On top of 70%being autopsied at different segments in the film, means that 4 seperate freakish looking human corpses had to be obtained for altering. On top of that, the crash site recovery along with recognizable people would also be very hard to stage. To hoax this film would take a monumental effort, but it could be done. I think the only way to really prove its authenticity would be to some how carbon date the original film. There is probably some kind of radioactive decay process occurring some of the components of B&W film.

I have seen documents pertaining to the Roswell Crash mentioning there were 2 types of EBE's recovered. One type was mentioned as being human-like and stocky with slightly larger heads and another type was described as 3.5 feet tall and very spindly. I will try to find these documents as they are somewhere in my hard drive. I think they came from UFO Net publications and they claim to have obtained them through the F.O.I.A.

In answering your questions, I became interested in the phenomena after I saw a flying saucer in Santa Barbara in about 1974. The sighting was at night but it was very close. It was clearly saucer shaped and was so bright, it was hard to look at. It had a large rotating, multi-colored top on it. All I can say is that it was not one of ours. There was a book written about this UFO that appeared over Santa Barbara on at least 20 occasions. All I can say 93%can say is that it was not one of ours. There was a book written about this UFO that appeared over Santa Barbara on at least 20 occasions. All I can say is that it was real close, and real low(may 500 feet away and 100 feet off the ground) It really piqued my curiosity yet it also scared the Hell out of me. I ran to my parents room to wake them up, but by the time they got to the front window, it was gone. My brother also saw it. Ever since then, I have had an intense interest in the phenomena because I know it is a real phenomena. There are a lot of people out there that think all UFO sightings are bullshit and easily explainable as known phenomena, but I can garantee you, this is not the case. These people are simply ignorant and haven't taken the the time to study the subject.

For instance, how could a critic explain the mass sightings of daylight and nighttime disks over Mexico since the 1991 solar eclipse. To date, over 200 videos and 3 million people down there have seen these disks. From the videos, they are clearly disks and nothing but disks. They are NOT heat inversion phenomena as some moronic skeptics have claimed; They are disks. Most of the skeptics haven't even seen the videos, yet they arrogantly explain them away as some sort of atmospheric anomaly. These idiots really piss me off because they don't take the time to really ENDarrogantly explain them away as some sort of atmospheric anomaly. These idiots really piss me off because they don't take the time to really research the matters they pass judgement on.

I live near Eureka, California which is 270 miles north of San Francisco. If you get your hands on any more Roswell footage picture, please e-mail them to me, and I will do the same for you.

Take Care

From: Steven Kaeser
To: "Joshua 'Illinois' Shapiro"
Subject: Re: Your images



I finally viewed your images and another person, Michael Taylor, sent me three images for the image I received from the Showtime movie. The image you sent was one of these three. He claims these three images are part of the five stills shown on TV in France and they seem to correspond to the appearance discribed by people who have attended one of the showing of the film. I will be posting these images on our Web Site this weekend, so you can take a look.

I can't remember how much detail I gave you with the images, but two of the ones that I forwarded were from the RTL network in Germany, and the other was a scanned image from a French magazine, I believe it is VSD.

I am surprised how human the supposed alien looks like ... not like what I expected.

- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * -


This really isn't all that surprising to me, but some of that is my science fiction background perhaps. I responded to someone on the "net" regarding this question a couple of days ago, which you might have seen.

I would also be good to keep in mind that the bodies were allegedly laying in the desert for a while before they were found, so it was perhaps enlarged due to decomposition that had set in. There is also annecdotal testimony to the terrible odor that created, which may be part of the reason for the bio-hazard suits on all in the room.

Eduardo Russo in Italy is still attempting to get the images to me, but his familiarity the net and his limited english (which is leaps and bounds over my italian) are factors that I am trying to overcome. I am trying to avoid the snail-mail route, as the images will likely be posted by someone very soon (probably Santilli on his site).

Side Note -- V J Enterprises offers lectures and classes in an effort to help share information related to the UFO Phenomena. Please feel free to click on this link to find out more. One of our reasons for offering our Web Site is we believe it is very important for the public to be informed about various information associated with a number of topics (spiritual/metaphysical/new age) inculding UFOs as to their possible origins; suggestions on what their purpose(s) and intention(s) may be in visiting our world; any information being communicated telepathically or directly and how the existence of the UFOs will impact our lives today and in the future. Also we feel it is important to look at both the physical aspect of this phenomena as well as the spiritual or dimensional nature. We feel very strongly (more from an intuitive level) that many revelations related to the UFO issue are coming soon, possibly in 1995. We do offer a book called "UFOs, Space Brothers and the Aquarian Age", which shares information related to UFOs through 1987. For information on this book feel free to send us an e-mail at our address: Tour Section for more details. Hope you can join us!

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