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Welcome to the Cards of Death homepage. You're probably wondering what all the the hype is about concerning these "death cards." You may have heard of us on CNN, the BBC, WCBS Radio, WLUP in Chicago and various Bay Area television stations and Newspapers. We signed a contract to do "Geraldo" but he backed down.
Some would argue that we are a bunch of sicko's who are trying to profit off of the demise of others. That we are trying to exploit death and sensationalize violence. We are as disturbed by these atrocious acts of violence and irresponsibility as any one is. We hope to expose to people the results of thier actions and make them acknowledge the consequences. If doing this can prevent the wasteful loss of just 1 human life, than we will consider these cards a success. Any profit we recieve off the sale of these cards would be a "bonus."
Much of the response to these cards has been from the curious, but we've also received requests from preachers, educators and community leaders. Exposure to these cards they are hoping may make our youth think twice before driving drunk, experimenting with drugs or getting involved with a gang. Whatever the government is doing now to prevent these things obviously is not working. If the use of "Scare Tactics" can do anything to save the lives of our children, we encourage it.

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