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Liverpool - The Mighty Reds

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The Bulletin Board

Discuss the news with your fellow fans - or flame to death the occasional Man U devotee who wanders into these waters.

The Newswire

All the latest happenings at the club - links to articles and match reports.

The 1995-96 season

Match reports and articles from various sources, news updates, team data, the first team squad and more. Whatever you want to know about last season, it's here.

The season archive

Every season in the club's history - a report for every match the club has ever played will hopefully eventually be here. The perfect place to settle your arguments about the club. If this is to be achieved though, your help is needed.

The records

The roll of honour and the league record of the most successful English club in history, plus the record of every cup match the club has ever played. Added to this are the appearance/goals data of all the players, their international caps while at the club, plus a tribute to the club's greatest players and the club's managers.

The picture archive

Hundreds of Liverpool images.

Through The Wind And Rain

A series of scans and articles available with the kind permission of the editor of TTWR, the greatest fanzine on earth.


An Anfield tour, ticket information, updates on the lower sides at the club, Liverpool on IRC, football quotes (including many from the great Bill Shankly), supporters clubs, Liverpool poems, Liverpool publications, Liverpool related promotions, Liverpool mailing list, Press recognition.

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