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Korn CD Cover


I really love this group. As Grog put it, "Just where do they get their outlet of happy energy?" And he'd be right. They're really a happy, happy, joy, joy kind of group.

Not for anyone who'll only listen to classical music, their song "Shoots and Ladders" is probably my favorite on the CD, although overplaying it has caused it to fall a little on my Grand Scale of Things, but hey, I can cope.

The recording leaves something to be desired, however. My sound equipment didn't even pick up most of the bagpipe introduction (yes, the guy actually played bagpipes on stage at a concert!), and right before the "Knick Knack Paddy-Whack" stuff, the driving, evil bassline is all but lost. But it's still cool, no matter how much not having enough memory and disk space might drive down the quality of this truly excellent song. Enjoy!

Track Listing:

  1. blind
  2. ball tongue
  3. need to
  4. clown
  5. divine
  6. faget
  7. shoots and ladders
  8. predictable
  9. fake
  10. lies
  11. helmet in the bush
  12. daddy