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Salma Hayek Biography

Date of Birth: September 22, 1968

Place of Birth: Coatszacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico

Family: Mother, Father (Samy), And Brother (also Samy); the origin of her name comes from the fact that her fathers' parents are Lebanese and her mothers' parents are Spanish.

Acting Career:

Mexico: 1988 - Aladino y la Lampara Maravillosa (This was a theater production. She played Jasmine. She was supposedly so well liked by the little boys who saw the play that, not only would many of them attend repeatedly, but they would rush the stage to save her when the villain in the play would try to do her harm.) 1989 - Nuevo Amanecer (This was her first tele-novela.) 1989-1990 - Teresa (This was her second tele-novela in which she played the lead role of Teresa.) 1990 - Las Visitas Tienen Sueño (Theatrical comedy.) 1994 - El Vuelo Del Aguila (Another tele-novela. This one was about the Mexican Revolution. She plays one of the head guy's mistresses. Only a small role. 1994 - El Callejon De Los Milagros (a.k.a. Midaq Alley) (Her first movie in Mexico.) U.S.A.: 1993 - Mi Vida Loca (a.k.a. My Crazy Life) (Small role as one of the protagonists' girlfriends.) 1993 - Sinbad (Fox sitcom featuring the comedian Sinbad. She played the next door neighbor.) 199? - Dream On (Plays Judith Stone's maid on the HBO comedy series.) 1994 - Road Racers (Showtime movie directed by Robert Rodriguez. Airing on Showtime sometime this month.) 1995 - Desperado (Robert Rodriguez's sequel to El Mariachi, was Salma's first big budget US movie. Features Salma's one and only nude scene.) 1995 - Four Rooms (She appears in Robert Rodriguez's segment entitled "The Misbehavers." She plays a dancer on a TV in the background.) 1995 - Fair Game (Cindy Crawford's movie debut. Salma plays Baldwin's girlfriend.) 1996 - From Dusk Till Dawn (Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino make a vampire movie. And Salma plays Satanico Pandemonium, the sexiest vampire of them all. Great dance scene with a snake!) 1996 - Hunchback of Notre Dame - Salma performs the voice of Esmerelda in the spanish language version of the Disney animated motion picture. 1996 - Fled Laurence Fishburne and Stephen Baldwin play convicts chained together on the run. Salma aids them and becomes romantically involved with Fishburne. Coming Soon! 1996? - Breaking Up (Co-starring Russel Crowe (Virtuosity). It is about relationships in the 90's.) 1996? - When Fools Rush In (Salma is starring in this movie opposite Matthew Perry (star of tv show Friends). She plays Perry's love interest.) 1996? - Hunchback of Notre Dame A live action version for TNT. Co-stars Richard Harris, Mandy Patinkin and Tim Curry, directed by Peter Medak.




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