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The Terrorist Profile Weekly

"Your 100% recommended daily allowance of global terror."

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Begun in early 1994, the Terrorist Profile Weekly was an electronic newsletter dedicated to the spread of information about wars' younger sibling, terrorism. In each profile, you'll see the description of a group, it's ideals, funding, area of influence and other juicy tidbits of information. This page has replaced the actual subscribed list.

Enter The TPW Terrorist Group Index.

The profiles themselves are taken from the US State Departments journal The Profiles of Global Terrorism and the opinions expressed within are not necessarily my own and certainly may not contain the opinions of any information provider you may be attached to. If you wish reach me my email address and other info are at the bottom of this document. Theres also more info in the Faq.

If you're interested you can see the text of articles written about the TPW also here are some interesting reviews & mailings I've gotten and a couple of articles on terrorism as sent by my readers.

If you have any gripes, comments, compliments or want to get more info, please write me ([email protected]) If you are with the media, drop me a line, I'd like to know when any articles come out about the page so I can have them for my clippings collection. Although I don't promise to do too much, I'll do what I can. I really would like any input on the page that anyone has though...

Who am I?

My name is Chris DiBona, I've been working for the US Department of State in the office of Information Management in the Bureau of Administration as a civil servant for almost a year and a half. I attend school at the George Mason University ( in Fairfax, Va. ([email protected])

I'm sure it comes as an utter shock that I'm a computer science major hopeful and hope to graduate in spring of 1996, At which point I will either do the foreign service thing or find a job in Cupertino, New York, Boston, or any number of cities (I really don't care). I'm 24.