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Ok, I'll admit. I've taken someone else's images and modified part of them for use on this page. If they don't like it, all they have to do is tell me. To see the original picturess at the original sites just click on the picture. For the best viewing of this page, expand your browser window (if you can) so that the three above pictures are all on the same line.

Mailing List

There is now a mailing list for fans of Janis Joplin. To subscribe to it send mail to:

[email protected]

with a blank subject line and a body of

SUBSCRIBE JANIS-L firstname lastname

Please, please use a valid return address. You should recieve confirmation of being subscribed within 24 hours, if not try again after checking that your return address is valid. If you are still having problems subscribing send mail directly to me with a note asking to be added to the list and all the information requested above.

Also, please note the address to "listserv," there is no "e" after the v.

Mystery- Solved


General Information

musical notes


The following song lyrics are available



This is a new addition to the Janis Joplin page. All these sounds are 8 bit/22.225 kHz and were created by using the digital audio transfer of the track from the audio cd to my hard drive and then editing the high quality sample to come up with the samples, which were then converted to .wav formet All of the song clips are taken from the cd Janis Joplin 18 essential songs .


  • Note these are all stored locally on the same server as the pages.
  • These pictures come to me as a result of the efforts of Charles Spivey, but I am responsible for the conversion from .bmp to .gif for space considerations, so if there are errors it is my fault.

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    These are the links that I have found so far to other sites of interest to fans of Janis Joplin.

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