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Building the Bike of Your Dreams...

The current demand for new Harley-Davidsons is so great that many motorcyclists are finding it tough to get their gloves onto the two-wheeler of their dreams. Why not avoid the waiting lists... and design your own custom ride? Daytona Pro-Street offers kit bikes in any stage of completion, and with this program, anyone can build a their own V-Twin at home, at their own pace on their own budget.

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International Custom Bike Designer, Lucian Smith, has been building and exporting custom Harleys all over the world for years...

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"Because it was my first experience at building a bike from the ground up, I was a little apprehensive at first. When I contacted Daytona Pro-Street, my mind was put at ease. Lucian Smith, the owner, assured me that he could not only come through with the specialized order of my bike kit, but would be there if I had any questions when assembling my pro-street bike. Less than 6 months later, thanks to Lucian, my dream bike is finished and ready to be sold. In fact, I have already planned my next bike, and Daytona Pro-Street will be providing the parts."

-James Woolsey
Petersburg, IN

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Daytona Pro-Street Inc

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