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Welcome to Dr. Rabbit's No Cavities Clubhouse! Here are the exciting things waiting for you:

Jungle Game
Search the jungle for healthy snacks! (You need Shockwave to play this game. If you don't already have it, you can get it from Macromedia's Shockwave Download Center.)

Story-Coloring Book
Visit this spot to find a story with a coloring book that you can create.

Tooth Fairy®
Lost a tooth? Visit this location to get a special message from the Tooth Fairy!

Go here to play Toothman and save the teeth from the Plaque Monster!

Tell The Tooth
Check out this fun snacktime game!

Guess What?
To discover some fun facts.

Tour The World
Pack your suitcase and visit exciting places like Australia, Thailand, Brazil, Kenya... and the United States, too!

Kid's Links
Check out some other fun kid's sites.

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