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Do You Love the Workin' Man?

Are you tired of the Smooth, Pumped-Up Pretty Boys that fill today's magazines? Does the Construction Worker, Contractor, Painter, Landscaper, Trucker, etc. that you see every day TURN YOU ON?

Then "Southern Cumfort Magazine" is for you!

What is "Southern Cumfort Magazine"?

A magazine packed with pictures of Rugged, Naked, Men!
Each issue is a 96 page Redneck, Whiteboy, Bluecollar BLOWOUT
featuring pictorial essays of 18 to 22 guys HARD at work with their favorite TOOL!
We scour the backroads and city streets for men who are never pretty,
sometimes threatening, always EXCITING! Also included is "Meat Swap", our raunchy Personals Section of Hot, Hairy, Horny Men from around the World!

What are the Specs on "Southern Cumfort Magazine"?

Published four times a year, the magazine is a "handy" 6" x 9", 96 pages long,
and printed in grayscale. Each Pictorial Essay is 4 to 6 pages long, and each has
3 to 7 pictures of an All-American Swingin' Dick (or 2, or 3, etc.)
"doing his thing", with special hidden goodies in the background!

If I Subscribe, Do I Get Anything Else for My Money?

Yes! Subscribers can run a FREE ad in the "Meat Swap" section (up to 100 words
and one picture), for the length of their Subscription. You also get a free copy of our "XXX Video Catalog", with free updated pages for the length of your subscription,
plus coupons for great savings on Video purchases!

Subscribe Today!

What if I'm Not Ready to Subscribe, got any Introductory Specials?

Sure! Our "Introductory Special" includes:
(1) One Copy of the current issue of "Southern Cumfort Magazine",
(2) A Two-Hour Video of Your Choice (see Order Form), and
(3) One Copy of our "XXX Video Catalog", a $60.00 Value -

all for only $39.95 + $5 Shipping/Handling!

Or, just order a copy of the current issue of "Southern Cumfort" for $6.00 + $2.00 S/H!

Order Today!

What DON'T I get when I Buy "Southern Cumfort Magazine"?

You don't get stories, articles, political comment, readers' letters, editorial rhetoric,
or a lot of advertising. Pages 2 thru 80 (approximately) are SOLID PICTURES
of Straight/Bi Men who are willing to share what they've got with you!
You also don't get pure XXX material as we have to follow the rules
to stay in business (you can see all of their action in our videos!).
If you love Hairy, Horny Blue-Collar Men, you won't be disappointed!

How Do You Handle My Privacy and Security?

Our magazines are shipped in plain brown envelopes, sealed and taped,
with a mailing label containing only your address and our return address.
Videos are shipped in plain white mailers or boxes, depending on the quantity.

We NEVER sell, share, or make public our Mailing List!

If you are in a position in which you wish to receive our materials
ONLY at your request, just make a note of that on the Release Form
and we will flag your name and send nothing else until we hear from you.

Your Security is our #1 Priority!

I Have Specific Questions I Need Answered, How Do I Contact You?

You can E-Mail Us at [email protected], call us at 404-848-0806, Fax us at 404-812-0111, or write us at S.C.M., 2485-B Morosgo Place, N.E., Atlanta, GA 30324.

O.K., I'm Ready to Order, What Do I Do?

First Time Customers MUST include a Completed and Signed Copy of the Release Form with their Order. Enclose it, along with your Order, with a Check or Money Order
(we DO NOT accept Credit Cards), and mail to:

2485-B Morosgo Place, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30324

I Want to Know More About Your Videos!

Go to Our Video Page, then Order our "XXX Video Catalog"!

The "Video Catalog" explains everything visually and verbally!

I Want to See MORE of the Men of "Southern Cumfort", what do I do?

You can access our "HOT MEN" pages
by becoming an "On-Line Buddy"!
For $25.00 a Year, you can access a WAD of pictures
of Rugged, Horny Men, "Doing Their Thing"!
Pictures are updated bi-weekly with "Surprise Insertions"
that will be added at random! You can also access
"Online Meat Swap" - personals and pictures from
Ruff & Rugged guys from everywhere, plus
you can include your free personal add with 2 pictures!

To become an "On-Line Buddy", Complete and Sign the Release Form,
send it, along with a Check or Money Order for $25.00 to:

2485-B Morosgo Place, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30324

We'll send you a Username and Password
so that you can access our "HOT MEN"
whenever you want!

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