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"Don't forget your Mama!"

"What, so maybe you're short on time, and can't come back to visit every day. That's fine -- Mama's knows you're busy. If you want me to send you email whenever I do something new to my site, or whenever Ragu sends out coupons or makes a new sauce, just put your email address in the box below and choose 'Send'. And don't worry -- Mama's knows how to keep her mouth shut: I won't give or sell your address to anybody without asking you first, OK?"

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"You'll get a response back molto vivace with more instructions. And thanks for keeping in touch!"

"Come! See Mama's Trophy Room!"

"I'm going to blush, I think! So many nice people are giving Mama awards, I decided to put them all up on a nice mantlepiece in Mama's Trophy Room. It's nice to know people care, you know?"

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