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When my great-grandmother taught me to bake traditional Jewish dishes, she eyeballed the amount she needed for each ingredient, poured them directly into her hand, then threw the ingredients into a mixing bowl, chanting in Yiddish,

a bisel und a bisel,
machn a fule chisel
(a bit and a bit
makes a full bowl).

--Abbe Don

Abbe Don Interactive, Inc. takes a similar approach to the design of interactive multimedia by mixing a diverse set of ingredients such as interface design, oral storytelling, narrative theory, ethnographic film, object-oriented system architecture and information retrieval to create innovative CD ROM titles, Web-sites, public art installations, museum kiosks, and interactive TV prototypes.

Our secret ingredient is the ability to put emotional oomph into our designs, touching people's hearts as well as stimulating their minds and eyes.

email: [email protected]

Why is this page black? Well, actually, this page is always black. But now, it is black with a blue ribbon to signify our protest of the censorship language in the Telecommunications Reform Bill.

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